torsdag 5 november 2015

The Academy II

The Academy är över för i år! Vi från Sverige är nöjda och tar med oss nya idéer! Under veckan träffade vi många nya vänner och en av dem var Agnes från Österrike. Här är en liten intervju med henne om hennes upplevelse av the Academy!

Name: Agnes

National Scout Organisation: Pfadfinder und Pfadfinerinnen Österreichs (Austria)

What is your position in your Scout organisation?
I am the international state commissioner for Vienna.

What did you expect from from the Academy?
I wanted to meet interesting scouts and guides from different countries and learn about their projects and initiatives. I also wanted to learn about different projects in Europe and the world. And of course, I looked forward to seeing Porto and learn about Portuguese scouting.

What have you learnt and experienced?
I have been to many interesting sessions. My best three were the ones about youth empowerment, how to be a spokesperson for scouting and global education. I have also learnt about scouting in different countries and camps I didn’t know about before.

Do you have anything you want to share with the Swedish scouts and guides?
I have understood that scouting is very similar in Austria and Sweden and you should definitely come and visit us! We have IKEA here if you get homesick!

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