fredag 26 oktober 2012

The Academy 2012 på Kandersteg

Just nu är två personer från Scouternas programgrupp på Kandersteg för The Academy, en stor kurshelg som samarrangeras av WAGGGS och WOSM's Europaregioner. Förhoppningsvis får vi ta del av lite reflektioner och bilder redan i början av nästa vecka.

"The event will be modular to allow self-selection of a training schedule. Modules will be offered more than once and the event will enable participants to choose their own pace of learning. The programme will start on Thursday evening with an introductory session and continue until Monday evening. The sessions will start on 26 October, (Friday) and will last until 29 October (Monday).

Outside the sessions, the host team and the KISC will offer various social and sportive activities, including official KISC activities. The participation fee includes one official KISC activity a day. The event will be held in English.

The agenda consists of 3 hours session slots, including coffee break (2 x 80 minutes + 20 minutes coffee) in the morning and in the afternoon. Beside the slots for the delivery of sessions, there is time available for presentations, experience exchange and presentations of projects and activities of the NSOs, MOs and ESR"

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